In the 19th century, was a top holiday destination preference, much appreciated by the nobility.

The influence of the English aristocracy is still very evident.
The archipelago was discovered in 1419 by João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira, both captains of Prince Henry “The Navigator”.
Madeira comes from the word “wood” related to its forest.
In fact, Madeira is a true lush garden, the paradise for countless botanical species that adorn the island all year round with an unique exotic beauty.
It is also the habitat of many endemic species of animals, birds and butterflies.
Madeira is also renowned for its famous wines, warm subtropical climate and plenty of fresh and succulent fruits.
The main island is volcanic, rugged and green with high cliffs.
Madeira is known for its parks and gardens with an incredible number of plants, such as the Laurisilva Forest, approximately 15,000ha of land within the 27,000ha of Madeira Natural Park.
In Madeira there are some dark gray pebbles beaches, reminding of the island volcanic origin.
The stunning nature of the island always stamp many warm and vivid memories to the visitors.


The Capital Of Madeira Island

Funchal comes from “funcho”, Portuguese word for fennel.
This plant was abundant when the Island was first discovered.
The city of Funchal is located on a hillside, forming an amphitheater, ending on the ocean.
Its natural beauty, architecture and inhabitants create unique walking promenade experiences.
From several points of the city, the ocean and the maritime activity of the cruise ships may be appreciated.
The Franciscan Monastery is one of the main architectural monuments.
Apart from history, visitors also can taste the delicious Madeira Wine.
The Farmers’ Market is other of the main tourist attractions where you can buy products from the sea and from the land.
The city has a large number of themed museums, such as Madeira Embroidery Museum, Wine Museum and Madeira Wine Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Sugar Museum, and many others.
A cable car connects the city centre, from the old town to the Tropical Gardens of Monte Palace.


2017 Christmas market on Avenida Arriaga is among the best in Europe, by “European Best Destinations”.
2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 “Europe’s Leading Island Destination”, by the World Travel Awards.
2015 and 2016 “World’s Leading Island Destination”, by the World Travel Awards.
2015 6th place of the “Top 10 Islands in the World”, by TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice.
2015 Funchal 6th place in the “Top 10 Destinations on the Rise – Europe”, by TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice.
2013 Funchal “City of the Year”, by the CIVITAS Awards.
2012 Porto Santo in “Dunes Beaches” category, by the 7 Wonders of Portugal.
2011 Santana Municipality “World Biosphere Reserve”, by UNESCO.
2010 Laurel Forest in “Forests and Woodlands” category, by the 7 Wonders of Portugal.
2009 “Quality Excellence”, by CED (World Centre of Excellence for Destinations).
2006/2007 “Largest Firework Display in the World”, by the Guinness World of Records.
1999 Laurisilva of Madeira, “Laurel Forest World Heritage”, by UNESCO.
1995 Desertas Islands “Natural Reserve”, European Certificate of Protected Areas from the Council of Europe.

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